Over the past few years more and more people have joined this amazing island. At the moment there are approximately 100 people but hopefully more people will move to the island. The island is aimed at families but eventually with the growing facilities everyone will enjoy this brilliant place.

During world war 2 this island was discovered, the only transport was a paddle boat which could only hold 5 people. Henry, the only resident on the island at the time decided it would be a fantastic place for people to bring up their families, he was very interested in boat building and thought it would be a brilliant idea to build transport to bring people to the island. He started putting his ideas together and eventually was able to ferry people across the water.

Gradually the island has grown bigger due to the increase in work. There is a boat company and a local builders. During the summer months there are cafes and ice cream sellers. The island has local fisherman that sell their produce to shops. There is a doctors and dentist but you would have to travel out of the island for a hospital. As time as passed travel has become easier due to modern boats. There is a growing number of shops including supermarket, pharmacy and a small department store. Also there is a new swimming pool which now offers lessons and exercise for all. After your swim so can chill out in the cinema. A local builders company (Bill has been running the company for 10 years) is looking to build some more properties.At the moment there are cottages.Some of them are beautiful ,they have pretty gardens with beautiful roses growing around the door.

This is a brief biography of Henry Smith and his arrival from Scotland to this magnifient island. Henry was born in Glasgow in 1918, he came from a large family with 5 brothers and 2 sisters. Every morning Henry woke up very early and rushed to school, he sat amongst his friends and his ambition was art. At a very early age Henry had to work to keep his family well ,his job was cleaning the ship yard which he didnt enjoy but he had to earn some money.Henry enjoyed looking at the boats as they sailed off to exciting destinations.As he became older he was interested in helping on the boats, he asked his friend Ben if he could show him how to build. Henry soon became Bens apprentice and enjoyed working with him.

Henry decided to go to a dance with his friends, at the dance he met a lady, her name was Mary. She was very pretty with long red hair.They soon became closer and in the end they got married.Then they went on to have five children,there were three girls and two boys they were called Poppy,Lilly Rosie,William and Archie.

As his boat building improved Henry decided to build one of his own.During his spare time the boat came together.

Once the boat was finished he and his family decided to go to Australia.It took them many days. Suddenly as they were travelling a huge thunderstorm came and they were stranded on an island .Soon after that they settled in their new home and lived a happy life there.

Henry has now retired, life is much easier now than it was back in the old days. There is more transport so it is much easier for people. You can now travel to and from the island and visit places. More people now live on the island f of