One day in Egypt there was a queen who wanted to have everything that was GOLD,she never wanted to have a gift
from her father that was wooden, silver or ruby. She lived in a huge pyramid with little pyramid's inside so it was just like
a maze. Her name was Cleopatra she was 22 years old. I know she is so big to stay with her father. They live together because
her father did not have his own place.

When she turened 23 years old her father said that he was moving because he had found a house and he was going to live with another woman,
her name was Sofia.
And when Cleopatra heard that, she was furious and threw her dad out.
The next day her dad came back and apoligized - I promise you that if I can move in with this lady you can have what ever you like. One more thing, she likes you very much and mabye you can meet some day and go to the market and shop and have fun.

One day clepatra met this women, obviously Cleopatra wore the most beautiful robe ever. she was covered in gold and dimonds. Suddenly the women came up to cleoptra and bowed infront of her she had a beautiful dress with blue dimonds on it with sequins on it. She told cleopatra about her self an her family and were she lived. Then she told me about a GOLDEN TRIANGLE.

that goldene triangel wos a large powerful triangel som called here andar,
triangeln var gord av gulld och så fort man sa den häsr konstoda ramsan så kom andarna upp ur sina gravar och kom till dig, och ramsan gick så häsr,
(du såm stör mig i min ro du ska dö det kan du tro på din födelse dag ska du få en prisent som du kommer alldri att glöma).
näst dag när cleopatra vaknade så var triangeln borta och den kvinan som hade varit där i går som det fans gete mycket spor av henne för jag tror att det är den damen som var här i går sa cleopatra.

triangle was gord of gulld and as soon as you said it Hasrat konstoda chant to the spirits came out of their graves and came to you, and the chant went as Hasrat,
(sam you disturb me in my quiet, you will die there, you can believe in your birth day, you get a prisent you will alldri to forget).
The next day when cleopatra woke up it was gone, and the triangle kvinan who had been there yesterday, as the fans Gete much spore of her because I think it's the lady who was here yesterday, "said Cleopatra.

leopatra decided that she would go around her house,because cleopatra thought that it was her who took the golden triangle from her house because yesterday she came arond Cleopatras house.So she got ready in her nice and pretty clothes and her father that she was going to Sofis house . Her father asked her why and she said because I think she stolee the golden triange.