‚ÄčBy Wilma And Beth
Along time ago in a land far away there lived a queen called Clara. She lived with her husband , the king in a far away place called Esenda Seliah which was near Egypt . For each anniversy they celebrated, the cooks made something special but this year was diffrent . Clara and the king were due to celebrate thier golden anniversy .So this year the cooks wanted to make them something really special . So they thought about ...A Golden Toberlone!!!

A Golden Toberlone was big and Golden.
Clara and the king felt smell of the Golden Toberlone so they go down to the dining-room.
In the middle on the big table stood one big and Golden Toberlone.
Clara and the king starting eating of the Golden Toberlone.
The cooks question how it tasted.
Clara say to she love the Golden Toberlone, the king say to the Golden Toberlone to sweet.

The king actually didnt taste it, he thought it looked to sweet but his wife (clara) was already digging into it .The question was " are you enjoying it?" asked the king. "Yes, it is delicous! the cook has spent to much time baking". "Are you enjoying it?" replyed Clara to the king. "No, it tastes so sweet and much to fattening". So the king and queen went off to their bedroom upset with what eachother had said about the toberlone!

Clara saw some thing in her bed ther she lay down and sulk.In my bed behind one cushion layone goden triangel.Clara picked it up. The golden triangel.Suddenly when she thouched one corner of The golden triangelclara turned in to one litle cute mousen

Beths paragraph.............

The mouse was so cute and she thought that her husband would be jealous.
She said to the mouse that you shall be my best friend.The next day Clara took her friend
down to the dining hall and when her husband saw it he went mad.But Clara didnt let her husband enoy them..........................