“How-To” Step-by-Step Project

Mr. Higgs’ Class at Battle Primary in England and Mr. Smith’s Class in Hannibal, Missouri

Smith's Students Step-by-Step Work | Higgs' Students Step-by-Step Work

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What students do:

1 - Brainstorm ideas for which they will write at least 5 sequential steps.

2 - Write the step-by-step directions for the idea

3 - Draw a diagram or picture to go with the directions. Diagram can show the steps or be a general picture about the idea.

Note: This project is about creativity, fun, clear writing, and proper sequencing.

Classes may choose to place their drawings/work on web pages or wikis, and may also choose to use audio files or video if desired to express their ideas.


How To Get Spinach Out of Your Teeth

1. Look at your teeth in the mirror.
2. Notice the stringy green piece of spinach between your front teeth.
3. Put on rubber gloves.
4. Use small tweezers to grasp the spinach.
5. Remove the spinach in one quick snappy motion.
6. Dispose of the spinach.
7. Fry curtons on a t.v. screen.
8. Swim in a cuboard.
9. Fart in a bag
10.swim in a 5ft bath tub
external image clip_image002.jpg

Other example ideas: escaping from a shark, bathing a dog, making a whipped cream elf, bungee jumping from the school roof, making a teacher angry, and so forth.